Current and Future Projects


Fundamentals of Tailwheel Flying
-- Our latest video project is an instructional video for airplane pilots. This program will be a one-hour, in-depth look at the special techniques required to safely fly airplanes with a landing gear configuration found on certain sport airplanes, aerobatic planes and vintage/antique aircraft. Many of these airplanes have two large main wheels and a much smaller wheel under the tail, and are often called "taildraggers." Because of the unique handling characteristics of these airplanes, they require some special training -- training which is not readily available anymore. Our goal is to create the finest training aid available for these unique airplanes (next to a real, live instructor.) The video will feature extensive in-cockpit and aerial footage, and descriptive narration which will explain the finer points of handling a tailwheel-equipped airplane. This video is in post-production.

Patterns of Life -- An amazing photographic look at some of the earth's most artistic creations, in a way you've never seen them before. In pre-production.

Gulf War A-10 Combat: The Real Deal -- An exclusive look through the eyes of an A-10 Warthog pilot in the skies over Kuwait and Iraq. In production.

SWHD™ (Southwest, High Definition) -- The extraordinary, almost otherworldly aerial scenery of the American southwest springs to life in glorious High Definition. In preproduction.

WWII Oral Histories -- In partnership with the Veterans History Project (VHP), a U.S. Library of Congress program, we conduct videotaped interviews of military veterans. This will be an ongoing project in the years ahead. Our nation is losing thousands of WWII veterans each day, and it's important that their stories not be lost. If you know of a veteran who has a story to tell, please let us know. Thank you for helping us to preserve our nation's history.

For more information on the Veterans History Project,
visit the program's official website by clicking their banner:


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